You Tech Bay

for 67€ per month

We acquired 6 tech bays from Golf Range Virtual a year ago. Since we installed the licenses with the games and competitions, the demand and customers satisfaction has grown exponentially. It is a ¨user friendly¨ digital tool that provides fundamental data and shot metrics and, in turn, serves to create a hobby, as it helps you to improve by playing and competing. Definitely highly recommendable for any range/indoor facility.

Ibone Elorza e Unai Arketa(Bizkaia Golf Akademia)

Indoor Facilities

At Golf Range Virtual we transform your premises, gym, school, hotel...into a virtual golf course, where you can enjoy this wonderful sport and game called ¨golf¨. Thanks to the advances in technology and materials we can adapt any free space (from 15m2 and 2.80m high) and simulate a golf course. We install a tee line, approach, chipping and putting area with materials that look almost real.
At the indoor facility any golf player, from beginner to professional, will be able to practice on a range with its 'greens' and obstacles, 'bunkers' and ' lakes', to playing on the best golf courses in the world or play competitions and precision games.

Minimum equipment required?
• 1 Flightscope Mevo+ Radar (or greater)
• 1 ipad plus its holder
• 1 net or impact screen
• 1 golf mat or artificial grass
• GRV indoor facility license which includes: 'Community' app to participate in competitions such as longest drive, closest to the pin; entertainment games (Boat Blast, Wrecking Balls), video swing in real time, coaching and much more.